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2020 Recipients

Nick Rahimi (School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies)
A Novel Design for Secure Blockchain as an Anti-Censorship Architecture

Karen Johnson (Dept. of Aviation Technologies)
Concurrent vs. Terminal Feedback in a Hydraulic System Schematic Sandbox

Michael Robertson (Dept. of Aviation Management and Flight)
Status of Fatigue Risk Management Systems Implementation for Flight Training Providers

Seung-Hee Lee (School of Architecture)
Are Consumers Ready to Adopt Mobile Self-Checkout Technology in Fashion Retail Stores?

Stacey McKinney/Jennifer McKinnies (School of Health Sciences)
Adopt A Class:  Cavity-Free by 2024

Robert Rados (School of Health Sciences)
Supporting Quality Resident-Centered Dementia Care by Empowering Routine Care Staff with Low-Investment Activities

Bryan Harrison (Dept. of Aviation Management and Flight)
Airport Operations Internship Experience Survey

Blaine Heisner (Dept. of Automotive Technology)
Exploring Online Instructional Methods to Supplement the Delivery of Course Material at the SIUC Automotive Technology Department

Kelli Whittington (School of Health Sciences)
Using Simulation to Develop Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across the Curriculum

Brandon Hirsch (School of Health Sciences)
Clinical Implications for Students Interning During the COVID-19 Pandemic