Summer Research Support | 2015 | CASA Research and Development | SIU

Southern Illinois University



CHHS' Research and Development

2015 Recipients

  1. Chad Schwartz (School of Architecture):
    Introducing Architectural Tectonics
  2. Tom Imboden (School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies):
    Measuring the Information Security Standing of Nonprofit Organizations
  3. Karen Johnson (Department of Aviation Technologies):
    Enhancing Aviation Degree Programs through Data Analysis of Degree Auditing Systems
  4. Joan Davis (School of Allied Health):
    To Further Develop and Test a Computer-based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) to Assist Health Care Providers Offering Evidence-based Tobacco Cessation: Development and Submission of an Academic Research Enhancement Award (NIH-R15/PA-13-313) Grant
  5. Steve Goetz (Department of Aviation Management and Flight):
    An Evaluation of the Use of Existing Networked Computer Resources for Big Data Processing
  6. Don Morris (Department of Aviation Technologies):
    Do NTSB Fatality Statistics Support Current FAA Medical Policy for Private Pilots?