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2019 Recipients

Jennifer Sherry (School of Allied Health)
Give Adults a Smile Day: Providing Oral Health Services to the Underserved of Southern Illinois 

Stacey McKinney (School of Allied Health)
Implementing an Electronic Health Record System to Determine the Prevalence of Periodontal Disease in Southern Illinois 

Andrew Croxell (Automotive Technology)
Timeline of Gasoline Degradation

Matthew Romero (Aviation Management and Flight)
Applying the Psychomotor Vigilance Test to Fatigue Management Training 

Martin Hebel (Aviation Technologies)
UAS Aircraft Avoidance through ADS-B Frequency Monitoring 

Seung-Hee Lee (School of Architecture)
Ethical Beliefs, Public Service Motivation, and Attitudes towards Fashion Counterfeit Purchasing among US, Japan, China, and Thailand: Cross-Cultural Comparison

Qian (Jenny) Huang (School of Architecture)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Coal Quality Inspection and Prediction for Minimizing Polluting Gas Generation in Coal-Fired Power Plants