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CHHS Research Committee

The CHHS Research Committee is made up of voting faculty members from all of the Schools and Departments in the College of Health and Human Sciences. The Committee is tasked with coordinating the CHHS Summer Research Program, the CHHS Scholar of the Year Award, the ASA Multidisciplinary Research Symposium, and is responsible for overseeing the Journal of Health and Human Sciences in coordination with the Journal's Editorial Board. 

CHHS Research Committee Operating Paper

Brandon Hirsch - Committee Chair

Assistant Professor - Radiologic Sciences

Brandon Hirsch

Phone: 618.453.8889
Fax: 618.453.7020

Sean Boyle

Associate Professor - Automotive Technology

Sean Boyle

Phone: 618.453.9124

Chad Drake, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Clinical Psychology

Chad Drake

Phone: 618.453.8331

Bryan Harrison

Associate Professor and Assistant Chief Flight Instructor - Aviation Management and Flight

Phone: 618.453.9240

Tammy Kochel, Ph.D.

Professor - Criminology and Criminal Justice

Tammy Kochel

Phone: 618.453.6371
Fax: 618.453.6377

Justin McDaniel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Public Health - School of Human Sciences

Justin McDaniel

Phone: 618.453.1832

Don Morris

Assistant Professor - Aviation Technologies

Don Morris

Phone: 618.453.9262