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Event Schedule - Symposium | CASA | SIU

Event Schedule

Saturday, November 4th

8:00-8:30    Registration:  Welcome and Light Breakfast

8:30-9:00    Session 1

  • Empirical Analysis of the Level of Awareness and Integration of Sustainable Architecture in Nigeria
  • FDM Machine Learning: An Investigation into the Utility of Neural Networks as a Predictive Analytic Tool for Go-Around Decision Making
  • Factors Influencing Student Selection of a Collegiate Aviation Program
  • The Operationalizing of Lynch’s Cognitive Representation Elements of Large-Scale Environments

9:00-9:30    Session 2

  • A Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Prototype for Accurate People Counting Towards Energy Efficient Buildings
  • SIU Aviation Master's Degree
  • Extracurricular Undergraduate Research: Student Perspectives and Experiences
  • 21st Century Synergies between Architecture and Transportation

9:30-10:00   Session 3

  • Comparison of New Metrics for Assessment of Risks of Occupational Noise
  • SimpleIoT: An Ultra-Low Power Hybrid Wireless Sensor Network Platform
  • Aviation Origin Stories: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Factors that Influenced
    Aviation Students to Choose their Field of Study
  • 2Fly with RPi - Evaluating the Raspberry Pi for Glass Cockpit Applications

10:00-10:15   Break

10:15-11:30   Panel:  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

11:30-12:00   Session 4

  • SIUC Green Fund Research Project: Using Waste Motor Oil as Diesel Fuel
  • Advanced Multi-Speed Transmissions and Their Effect on Fuel Economy, Durability, and Reliability
  • On-Demand Streaming Video in Self Paced Lab Environments
  • Progress Towards an Opposed-Piston Two-Stroke Gasoline Aviation Engine

12:00-1:00    Lunch and Poster Competition

1:00-1:30     Session 5

  • What Happens to NOx Emissions of VW Diesel Cars When Water/Methanol Injection Is Used? 
  • Elements of a Successful Distance Education Program: One Example
  • Performance Results of Using Biodiesel Fuel in a Turboshaft Gas Turbine Engine
  • Machine Intelligence and Higher Education

1:30-2:00    Session 6

  • Memory Care Residents and Indoor Ecotherapy
  • Perspectives of Executives and Students on Leadership Characteristics for Healthcare Managers: Does a Gap Exist?
  • Virtue Ethics and Virtue Signaling: Privacy Concerns in Social Media
  • Evidence-Based DevOps for Continuous Collaboration, Process, and Delivery

2:00-2:15    Break

2:15-2:45    Awards and Closing Remarks