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CASA 2019 Research Flash Talk Abstracts Booklet

Download the 2019 Abstracts Booklet now.

CASA 2019 Faculty Research Flash Talk - CFP

With support from the Dean’s office, the CASA Research Committee is hosting a College-wide event to promote the ongoing research and collaboration of the CASA faculty. The CASA Faculty Research Flash Talks with the Community will be held on the evening of Wednesday, april 17, 2019, starting at 5:00 PM (refreshments) at the Varsity Theater, 418 S. Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL. Flash talk presentations will begin at 6 PM.

All CASA faculty are encouraged to participate.

CASA Research and Development

On November 22, 2014, the College of Applied Sciences and Arts celebrated its first annual Research Symposium. This Symposium provided an ideal opportunity for faculty and students to showcase their research and creativity accomplishments. 

In 2015, the number of attendees tripled that of the 2014 symposium which had 11 posters, compared to 31 in 2015. We had four (4) sessions with 11 presentations last year, compared to eight (8) sessions and 24 presentations this year. Industry sponsorship was an innovative thing this year, and it was very successful. The IBM workshop attracted a good number of people around the campus. The quality of student posters was improved. By all accounts, the event was a great success for everyone involved.

As always, check out the latest updates from the Journal of Applied Sciences and Arts for further information.

ASA Research Symposium, 2014