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2014 Symposium | CASA Research and Development | SIU2014 Symposium | CASA Research and Development | SIU

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2014 ASA Research Symposium

ASA Symposium 2014

On November 22, 2014, the College of Applied Sciences and Arts celebrated its first annual Research Symposium. This Symposium provided an ideal opportunity for faculty and students to showcase their research and creativity accomplishments.

Though the 2014 ASA Research Symposium has come to an end, the College will continue to support research and creativity. During 2015 Summer, the College will fund another six research projects. The proposal deadline is in the middle of March.

AND the inaugural issue of Journal of Applied Sciences and Arts is accepting paper now until the middle of January. Submissions can be sent to jasa@siu.edu. See the Journal of ASA page for further information.


Congratulations to the Student Poster Awards recipients for the 2014 ASA Research Symposium! Following are the first and second place winners in no particular order:

First Place:

  • A Comparison of Contents Management Systems for Beginners by Paul Seonguk Heo (Computer Science) working with Dr. Sam Chung.
  • A Clinical Decision Support System for Tobacco Intervention Using Electronic Health Records by Geovane Piccinin (Information Systems Technologies), Alex Glasnovich (Information Systems Technologies), and Alireza Khamesipour (Electrical and Computer Engineering) working with Dr. Andrey Soaresand Dr. Joan M. Davis.

Second Place:

  • Working towards a Small and Efficient Turbine Engine by Wilson Meador (Aviation Technologies) working with Don Morris.
  • Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Fashion Mobile Shopping by Marcella Smith (Fashion Design Merchandising) working with Dr. Seung-Hee Lee.
  • SIU University Housing Web Application Development with an Agile Project Management Methodology and Refactoring Methods by Adam Woodworth (Information Systems Technologies) working with Dr. Sam Chung.