The Art of the Mask

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The Art of the Mask

November 03, 2014

Peter Smith, Associate Professor of Architecture, has been leading an annual one-week culturally based project called “The Art of the Mask” since 2008. This year, forty-six (46) Architectural Studies and Interior Design students participated this project. It was part of the course of study focused on research concept “making”. The goal of the project is to put top 100 masks into children’s hospitals. All of the masks are derived from a simple white “base mask.” The children in a hospital will create ten (10) of their compositions to blend in with the 100 provided by our School of Architecture (SOA) students. The group of masks will move from hospital to hospital adding ten at each stop. Professor Smith is planning to make all the masks for this year on display in the gallery of Quigley Hall and during the Open House on November 8th.

The Art of the Mask