Aviation Technologies receives Gulfstream III C20A

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Aviation Technologies receives Gulfstream III C20A

February 09, 2015

Last Tuesday was a great day for our Aviation Technologies (AVT) Department. We received a Gulfstream III C20A jet aircraft that had been used to transport military leaders in Europe and Africa by the U.S. Navy. Built in 1982 and with a unit cost of $37 million, the aircraft has more than 21,700 hours and it was its last flight on Tuesday. This jet will be particularly useful in maintenance and avionics training for our AVT students.

The jet is a great addition to the instructional resources in our AVT program. It is important for our students to gain hands-on experiences with different types of aircraft, including this beautiful Gulfstream. Because this “Catbird” was primarily used for distinguished visitors and government and military officials to travel around the world, it supports a communications suite which supports worldwide secure voice and data communication. This is a great resource for avionics training. Congratulations to all AVT students, faculty, and staff!

Gulfstream 1 Gulfstream 2
Gulfstream 3 Gulfstream 4

Did you see the “CATBIRD” logo on the last picture besides the door?

Mr. Joe Schuster, an AVT alum, has been very instrumental in this aircraft donation. He even stayed late and gave AVT faculty some training on the aircraft as how to operate the air stair, start the APU and run the engines.

Assistant Professor Donald Morris took a hand-held video and posted it on the Youtube here:


Congratulations again!